Monday, December 12, 2011

Cranberry Garlands & Snowflakes

It's week 5/6 (Deck the Halls!) of the Dare to DIY Party over at Newlywoodwards.

Dare to DIY

This week Kim is challenging everyone to create some homemade Christmas decor. So, while Joseph and I were playing out in the back yard this afternoon, I clipped some greenery to make a little embroidery hoop wreath inspired by Under the Sycamore.

I used twisty ties instead of hot glue, but the effect was much the same. After about 15 minutes it was finished, so I set it by the fireplace and Joseph and I started stringing cranberries left over from the table setting challenge.

When I was a little girl, we would make cranberry garlands for the tree and it's something I'd like to continue to do with my kids.

Joseph helped by picking out the individual cranberries and sort of pushing them onto the needle and pulling them down the thread.

Yeah. Check out that spectacular pair of hairstyles! We both have bed head from naptime. And for some reason, I look angry in that picture. I swear I'm not. I'm just concentrating on not stabbing my kid with the needle.

I think this kept his attention for at least 10 or 11 cranberries. At least.

Anyways, the fireplace/mantel isn't done yet, so I just threw together some really, really quick decor that will be dismantled (ha!) later this week when we try to finish up the mantel. I'll write a blog post on the overall fireplace progress later this week, but it's coming together nicely.

You can just see the embroidery hoop wreath sitting in the fireplace. It needs a little more work. Update: See latest blog post to see how I decided to use this wreath.

However, the cranberry garland makes me really happy!

In fact, we need more cranberry garlands! Stat!

Hear that Joseph? You'd better get back to work!

Too bad he's asleep. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

I've also been randomly cutting out six pointed parchment paper snowflakes throughout the day. Just a snowflake here and a snowflake there. You can find easy instructions all over the interwebs. Just google it!

I used parchment paper because it's thin and because I could iron the snowflakes flat when I finished them. I also may have snuck in a few star wars snowflakes. Shh. Don't tell.

Thanks for the templates, Mary Carolyn!! Darth still needs his eyes. I should get on that before I wind up in an invisible choke hold.

Anyways, I used simple wire ornament hangers to hang the snowflakes in the front hallway.

I started making these snowflakes last year and plastered them all over our windows. I think I'll probably make snowflakes every year. I just have so much fun cutting them out!

It's also kind of a personal joke since most of our house is about 51 degrees right now. Every now and then I glance at the ceiling and wonder why it isn't snowing. Then Joseph and I go closet ourselves in a room with a space heater and read books together.

Don't worry family. We promise that the house will be warm for Christmas! :) Stephen ran the furnace over the weekend to make sure everything is working. It ran smoothly for a whole 30 minutes before we switched it off. The house got up to a blistering 53 degrees. Felt like summertime.

Then, Joseph and I went back into the little room with the space heater. I love that room.


  1. Love the cranberry garland. I enjoy throwing my hard-earned money away, so I bought some fake ones at Crate & Barrel on clearance a few years back. Something fabulous about those garlands. ;)

  2. I love all of this, especially the Goodwill Outlet bows and Star Wars snowflakes!

    I showed Colton all of the photos of Jospeh and he said, "ingy, ishy." So pass that along to your son, please. Maybe he'll understand it better than I do.

  3. LOVE that garland!! Do cranberry garlands keep well? And your mantle!! It looks beautiful already!! And snowflakes!! You're just downright domestic! :)


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