Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Judge Not the Nativity Set

This morning, I decided to finally set up my nativity set. I put this task off because Stephen and Theresa made fun of my itty bitty little nativity set, but no more! This morning, with an air of defiance and a "harumph", I plopped all seven pieces down in the fireplace.

Yes, it's really small. Don't judge. It's the set I grew up with and I, personally, really like it. Since we lived in Germany when I was a little girl, we had lots of traditional wooden German Christmas decorations, including this nativity set. It may be small, there may not be any shepherds, but it's a simple wooden German set that we've been putting out at Christmas since I was a little girl (or would that be ein kleines m├Ądchen?).

Since it is so small, I decided to use the embroidery hoop wreath to help enclose the scene and I, personally, like it. Even better? It's KID FRIENDLY. As Joseph gets older, he can move around the pieces and learn all about Christmas just like I did. Maybe one day I'll come across a larger Stephen/Theresa-approved set that I like. That has yet to happen, so until that day, I'm sticking with my little set. So THERE.

Don't worry Dad. I just remembered to remove Jesus from the scene since it isn't Christmas yet. He's going to wait in the gingerbread house until the 25th.


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