Saturday, June 20, 2009

Genius Paint Tip #5

Don't EVER use painter's tape.

It's such a pain in the butt. The time it takes to put it around everything just isn't worth it. And half the time, it doesn't even do the job.

I prefer a much more sophisticated method. Not quite as sophisticated as the method recommended by This Young House, but that's because our styles differ. Greatly. That's okay. I still like them.

Now for the Shoppe Keeper's full proof trim painting method.

Option #1

  1. Realize that you can no longer avoid the necessity of sprucing up your trim.
  2. Realize that you don't have any blue painter's tape.
  3. Rejoice, because that stuff is a pain in the butt.
  4. Look around for something that will suit you as a straight edge and aid you in edging endeavors.
  5. Spy tossed aside, empty soda boxes from the brutal massacre of 96+ soda pop cans.
  6. Say a brief prayer for their sad little fizzy souls.
  7. Then, mercilessly tear off a piece with a straight edge. It's just stiff enough to do the job and the coating keeps the paint from soaking your new tool.
  8. Hold against the edge of trim and get painting.
  9. Check behind yourself to make sure you aren't leaving any non-crisp(y) edges.
  10. If a spot is out of place, use your finger to quickly wipe it away. No harm done. Well, unless you count the harm done to your never clean hands. Eh.

Option #2

Free hand everything. Much more risky. Unless you have unshakable hands and forearms of steel. I occasionally take this route. Having hands and forearms of steel that are obviously unshakable. *cough*

You may be shaking your head, saying to yourself, "She's obviously a madwoman!", but it works for me. And it was free. Well. Except for the poor fizzy souls. But they don't count.


  1. I wish I could paint without painters tape. But my hands have minds of their own. And those minds are of the hippie, free love, "I think the ceiling would look better in green" persuasion.
    This is why I'm not a surgery PA.

  2. I usually spend more time fighting with the tape than I do just wiping up after myself. And the tape never stays where you want it too. Silly paint.

    Silly hippy with your green ceilings.


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