Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's in a name?

Hypothetically Speaking:

Let's just say that you come across a gorgeous paint color. You are totally in love with this paint color (even if you actually aren't).

And let's just say, that this paint color solves all of your paint related problems. It has super magical properties. It goes with everything.

And let's just say that this paint color is called.... *drum roll please*

"Swampwater" by Valspar

Wait. Time out. Rewind.


You're trying to sell a paint and you name it "Swampwater"?!?! I don't want swampwater on my walls. Are you CRAZY? REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

What would that do to my psyche? I'd be envisioning scum and alligators and poisonous snakes and creepy moss at every turn.

What would I tell people when they asked me what color I used? "Yes, it's a lovely shade of swampwater. I just love Bayou tones, don't you?"

Valspar, you are so fired. I'll only court Olympic from this day forward.


  1. haha!! that IS a conundrum!
    I was very sad when "Tusk Tusk" didn't work out as my dream taupe.

  2. Yeah, it's fortunate that I didn't actually want to use the swampwater color. I just found the name to be a bit ridiculous!

    I was sad about tusk tusk too.


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