Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Sandwich: BLT


Bacon (crunchy or chewy?)



But what about the extra B & M?

Bread and Mayonnaise? In my book, it's a necessity.

So, for me, it's always been BBLTM. Make that, a toasted BBLTM...
If I had any in the house, I'd also add avocado. Sorry. I grew up in Cali.

The Professor doesn't believe in the BLT. He believes in the BB.

Bread and Bacon.

He's an anti-vegetable man through and through. He includes tomatoes in the veggie group. Silly Professor. Everyone knows that they are a fruit.

No veggie veggie fruit fruit stuff for him.How do you prefer your BLT? Add some interesting ingredients!

A = artichoke (they go really well with mayo!)

J = jelly (lingenberry, to be precise)

R = radishes (don't forget the tails)

S = squid tentacles (nice and chewy)

P = papaya (fried only)

I'd keep going, but I suddenly feel hungry...


  1. Now I have "veggie-veggie fruit-fruit" stuck in my head. Thanks.

  2. YAY VEGGIE VEGGIE FRUIT FRUIT!! I wish I had seen that show in real life.
    mmmm BLTs I like mine with super crispy bacaon, a tiny bit of mayo, and no tomato.
    I wonder if we have bacon in the fridge... :)


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