Friday, June 19, 2009

Soda Pop

MANY cans of soda were injured and killed in the creation of this post. The Professor drinks soda like it's water and he's dying of thirst. The Crazy Professor's Thoughts: What a brave soul. I wish I were only half the genius he is. Maybe if I start drinking more soda, I'll become just as smart, and handsome. This is the second set of 3 boxes of 24.We're soda pop murderers. It's really the only thing that we have to drink at the house, so I've been drinking a lot of it too. I need to start bringing a cup with me so that I can drink water instead - before my teeth start to turn brown and fall out.


  1. I keep wondering how I can prevent future children from taking up the soda habit. Ideas?

  2. I plan to do as my mother did--I plan to have soda on the "you are not allowed to drink this except for on really special occasions" list. We didn't even have soda in our house unless my dad brought home Dr. Pepper. Children definitely should not be drinking soda often. They need milk and juice and water. And milk. I need to not be drinking soda.

    Did you notice the Stephen got into the blog and edited part of this post:"what a brave soul, he's a genius, etc." are definitely not my words. I'm going to have to change it. Sneaky bugger.


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