Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Food Jars of Grass. So easy, a toddler can do it!

What I forgot to mention about the baby food jars of grass that we planted for Sarah's baby shower (and then later used for Joseph's birthday party)... that Joseph was 90% responsible for them. I just supervised.

And yes, we did this indoors.

At his picnic table. In the middle of my kitchen. Over my outdoor kitchen rug. Because it was freezing outside at the time.

 It really wasn't that bad and what's the point in owning a vacuum if you can't use it for occasions like this??

It was a super simple activity and the little guy was totally absorbed with his assigned task for his Aunt Sarah.

I gave him a bowl of garden soil, a spoon, and a bunch of empty baby jars. He filled each jar to overflowing and I would move the full jars far away from him so that he would focus on the empty jars.

Then I gave him a jar full of grass seed and showed him how to sprinkle some into each jar.

I voted for sprinkling, he voted for dumping large handfuls.

And in my opinion, the jars with the excessive amounts of grass seed turned out to be the nicest looking. Joseph. Grass grower extraordinaire.

He even put the last spoonful of dirt over the seeds.

And then helped me water them and place them on the kitchen window sill to grow.

And, despite having used grass seed from last spring, it grew!!

I know it's lame, but I was so proud of us for growing grass together and not killing it before the shower!

And now? They are cheering up my kitchen window sills and destined for greatness in Juliana's nursery. :)

I'm taking the grass as a sign that Joseph and I. CAN. GROW. PLANTS. TOGETHER. So I bought us a bunch of packets of seeds and we will hopefully plant them soon. Like tomorrow. Or Thursday. Right? Right???

Ha. Can anyone say "denial"??


P.S. Did anyone catch the message on the fridge?


  1. hehe!!! Baby Grass!!! :):):)
    Joseph, you are a MASTER GARDENER!!! I loved those little baby jars of grass.
    Dude. You're having a baby tomorrow. You can't plant seeds on Thursday. You already jinxed it. You wrote the to-do-before-baby list. Doooooomed. ;) Love you!

  2. You crack me up! You are one brave woman bringing potting soil into your kitchen with a toddler on purpose! I'm impressed :-)


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