Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Maternity Portraits

Joseph was actually born at 7:39am Easter morning two years ago. Since my little man had just turned two and I am about to have another kid, I was feeling super sentimental all day on Easter Sunday.

I even put my hair up into a ponytail on the top of my head and chopped off six inches the night before, which I also did when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with Joseph. Apparently it's going to be one of my 8 months pregnant traditions???

Brain: Will have small baby depending on you 24/7. Will have no time for grooming and hair maintenance for the next year. Chop off hair. Now. DO IT.

Brain won the argument, I got even more sentimental, and I asked Stephen to take some pictures of Joseph and my hugely 8 months pregnant self together at the river Easter evening.

The Virginia bluebells were all blooming along the bank making everything super pretty.

I'm kind of madly in love with my little guy, but he was too excited to sit with his Mommy when we were at. the. river.

Consequently, there was lots of escaping and running back and forth between me and his Daddy.

Silly kid. Doesn't he know he can't escape his mother??

No matter how hard he tries?

Because in the end, she has the strength to just lift him up off the ground.


Upside down toddler.

I win.

Such a silly goose.

Uncooperative toddlers must be tickled. It's a rule.

This is the, "MooOOOoooM! Lemme go!" face:

See? He's trying to pry my arm away.

Then we went up to the covered bridge. Favorite. Maternity. Photo. Location. Ever.




I'm such a bad 8 months pregnant woman. Setting a poor example for proper pregnancy behavior. All I have to say to that is that I spend all day picking the kid up and down. And I'm still pregnant. With a very hiccupy baby. Who is welcome to arrive after Saturday night, but no sooner. ;)

Now... To take those 8.95 months pregnant photos... Soon. Very. Very. Soon.


    I love the layered hair look!!
    And while I worry about you throwing your back out with all that toddler throwing, it made for some BEAUTIFUL portraits! I ADORE the covered bridge ones.


  3. I.Wish.People.Would.Stop.Typing.Like.This.
    It's Really.A.Noying.

    Oh, and really nice photos. You learned from the best.

  4. Pretty photos! It won't be long now- Best wishes!

  5. These turned out so cute! What great images.

  6. These pictures are so cute! I totally didn't follow the rules when I was pregnant with Ellorie either. Is that even possible when you have a toddler that demands to be carried around and thrown?? I mean really, what do they expect us to do? I say whatever, my baby was fine too :-)

    I'm with Sarah, when are we going to see the nursery????? I totally didn't put Ellorie's together until she was like a year old so you're way ahead of me, ha!

  7. You and Joseph are ridiculously adorable. And your hair! I love it. Basically, I love you all.

    Please, please blog about the nursery before you have this baby. Or just e-mail me photos. Also, I cannot BELIEVE Julianna will be here at any moment. How is that possible?


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