Monday, May 9, 2011

Chalkboard Wars

It's begun.

The Chalkboard Wars.

I can see it now. A neverending exchange of (not so) witty insults. A vicious cycle of juvenile name calling. A perpetual show of sibling rivalry.

The perfect environment in which to raise a kid.

Remember how I chalkboardified the panels of our kitchen door?  Well, they've become something of a message center for people exiting our home.

In a rare & misguided tenderhearted moment, I changed the message on the door from "Thank You, Come Again!" to "We love Stephen!" (We being Joseph & myself.) Will I never learn?

That evening, Theresa, Stephen's sister, crossed out Stephen and wrote her name. So, the door read, "We love Stephen Theresa!" Fair enough. We do love Theresa. How can you not?

Then, the next morning, before I could even take a picture of Theresa's handiwork, I discovered that the message had been altered yet again by my extremely mature and adult husband.

Oh, yeah. This is definitely the start of something great...


  1. Oh, it's on!

    though I still don't think it's as hilarious as cupcake wars....;)

  2. Pwwaaaahhaahahahaha!!! I love my siblings in-law. :)


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