Monday, May 9, 2011

Mister One Year Old

Laughing? You should be.

I can't even look at that picture without giggling hysterically.

Tee hee! I'm so proud. He's definitely Stephen's son. ;) Our big boy. Mister One Year Old.

That's right! Joseph turned 1 on April 4th. Over a month ago. I still have to remind myself that he's no longer a little baby. My how time flies!

We threw two parties to celebrate the little guy's first year of life. We had a small party at home on his actual birthday with my side of the family. I made the tastiest oatmeal cake on the planet. It was the same recipe that my Mom used for my little brother Marshall's first birthday.

Mr. Handsome Pants.

For his second party, we went up to NJ so that Stephen's side of the family could partake in the festivities. Joseph's Aunt Jamie made him a beautiful cake. Isn't it fabulous?

Joseph sure thought so. Smash! (Ok, in reality, he was tired and ready for bed at this point, so he spent most of his time intensely studying his smash cake.)

After two parties, the kid now has more toys than he knows what to do with. Spoiled, I tell you.

Seriously spoiled. He has his own fully operational battle station four wheeler. Color me jealous.

And he knows how to ride it too. He presses the button and it carries him into the nearest wall... We're still working on his steering skills (or lack thereof). I don't have any pictures of his riding skills because I always grab the camcorder instead of the camera whenever he's "speeding" down the hallway.

Joseph was born in a rush on Easter morning last year. During his first ever Easter egg hunt at his Aunt & Uncle's, I got all mushy inside thinking about how he had been a tiny little infant the previous Easter. And there he was. Eating jelly bean pieces. Right in front of me.

Yup. He's Mister One Year Old.

He started walking on Friday. From one end of the of the living room to the other. Stephen, Theresa, and I tossed his favorite stuffed animal back and forth to entice him. Each time he made it, he screamed in excitement. Too cute.

He likes to relocate items by placing them in drawers, buckets, and cabinets. I have a feeling that walking will only feed his relocating skills. He'll be jabbering away in another month. He says dada, mama, and will say hello if you hand him the phone. He's been imitating words and sounds like "woof woof".This week, he figured out how to use a straw. Drinking smoothies has never been so clean.

We said goodbye to the highchair when he turned one and graduated him to the booster seat at the table. Now, we just have to master utensils and not throwing our plate on the floor when we are done eating. Piece of cake...

The kid has 10 teeth. TEN at 13 months! And two of them are molars. Not bad when you consider that he started out with two teeth at 6 months. Of course, he now thinks biting is the shiznit. I wholeheartedly disagree. Tears ensue.

Joseph loves to dance. He rocks back and forth and bounces up and down to pretty much any tune. Even Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Recently, he discovered Thriller.

Joseph got to do his first art project ever with Daddy last Friday while I was picking up furniture in Northern Virginia. I heart cavemen for inventing fingerpaint!

Note: Please pardon the quality of these photos. They were taken with our camcorder because I had taken the camera with me on my trip. They are just too cute to leave out!

Style. The kid has serious style.

And cheese. What a little ham!

Good thing they make non-toxic finger paints. Mr. Silly Pants got in a few tastes.

Stephen & Joseph surprised me with Joseph's masterful works of art after Mass & pancake breakfast with my Mom this morning. Stephen sat me down in the recliner, popped my feet up, tucked me in with a blanket, and showed me a video of Joseph's first fingerpainting experience.

I may have cried a little. It was so very sweet. I love my boys!

I'm totally framing these and hanging them on the wall. I'm pretty sure they are just what my living room needs.

So, Mister One Year Old, thank you for the fabulous present! I love you so much! (And thank you, Daddy, for making it happen!)


  1. Love love love the pictures! they will be divine when they are framed.

    He is just too darn cute for his own goods. That little vest - KILLING ME!

  2. How sweet! What a cute one year old he is.
    And I love the finger painting- that is precious!


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