Monday, March 7, 2011

Pondering Big Boy Room Decor

Joseph's big boy room is still in the planning stages. Stephen objects to paint fumes for some strange reason, so I'm not allowed to do any painting until it's warm enough to open all of the windows for ventilation. Where does that leave us? With an adorable car quilt, a paint chip, and lots of decor ideas to ponder. Especially since I haven't decided how cutesy little kid I'm going go.

As far as art goes... I have taken approximately 200 pictures of vintage cars thanks to the Cruise-in that took place in front of my house last summer. So I could potentially print and frame some of those. I don't think mixing the race cars on the quilt with vintage style cars will be an issue.

But then, instead of framed photographs, there is also the option of framing more cartoon style vehicles...

I'm thinking (thinking, mind you) about having a painted road all the way around the room.


I'm not sold on the idea, but I know how much little boys like to run toy cars along the floors and walls. Or maybe a turnable steering wheel somewhere?


There is also the option of creating some cardboard or plywood scenery. Not this car, per se, but maybe a little gas pump??


I could create some little cars for the top of the dresser using this printable template and some cardstock...

There could be license plates or gas tank prices on the walls...

I could frame some street maps...

Should "JOSEPH" be spelled out on the wall?

Perhaps some checkered flags or a bunting?

Tires or hubcaps??

So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do... but at least I've got some ideas to work with. Thoughts? Suggestions? "Oh, Hell no!"s?


  1. Big dinosaurs, claw marks, and lots of blood. Duh

  2. I seriously love the theme for the room. And I love all your ideas for the room. Love the gas pump idea. I saw a really cool room with a route 66 sign that I always coveted. And I'm in love with the idea of license plates. It'd be fun to see different states. I see them at the thrift all the time.

    PS - you may have won my giveaway. (Okay, you did.) Shoot me an email to claim your calling cards!

  3. Like Kim, I love all of this! I like the idea of having your photographs better than having cartoon-like prints though. I LOVE the idea of having a road on the wall, but I think maybe having it on only one wall would be good. I do think Joseph needs a chalkboard area though; I think he would love it! Or maybe I just say that because I want one for me.

  4. I love the 5th and 6th one, the decoration goes along well with each other. So how old is your son? Hmmm, license plates and gas tank prices would do for teens.
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  5. We're doing a cars theme room for my son and I love the bedding and bed? Where did you get both? I looked everywhere for the bedding online and couldn't find it.

  6. I love the bedding & the bed frame. Where did you get both??

  7. I love the transportation bedding in Joseph's room & the bed frame? Where did you get both?

  8. I love the bedding and frame! Can you tell me where you bought it?


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