Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paint, Paint, Paint!!!

Valspar is doing a paint sample giveaway at their website. One per household.

I have five.

No, I don't have five houses. My mother-in-law had the russet red sent to my house, the field green was my sister-in-law Theresa's. I sent a teal jade color to my mom's house. The house next to me is empty right now... So, I might have had a sample sent there and I might have casually walked by the back step and picked it up. And for the last turquoise sample, my neighbor Kenny let me use his address. He's a renter and not planning on painting anything anytime soon.

The best part, though? They all came with $5 off coupons for Valspar paint! (The sixth coupon was my Mother-in-law's. Thanks, Mom!)

I've got a lot of painting to do this summer, so these coupons are going to be extremely helpful. Since they expire the end of May, I have until then to figure out what paint colors I plan to get.

I already know I'm going to use one coupon for Olive White in Joseph's big boy room.

I'm going to have to paint the Sandwich Shoppe once we finish mudding/sanding it. I'm leaning towards a deep teal color in that room. It's crazy bright in there all day long, so I'm not worried about using the darker color. Besides, YHL's teal guest room gives me courage.

Or maybe something slightly greener. I think it will work with the retro look I'd like to achieve in the Sandwich Shoppe.

I've got plans to repaint the kitchen and the living room. I've lived with beiges in both of those rooms for over a year now and I'm still not in love with either of them. Beige is boring. Beige is so yesterday. Blue & green walls are the future.

I still think I want to paint the living room a turquoise color. I think it will look great with the dark red couches. I like red & turquoise together.

Right now, I'm working on a plan to incorporate turquoise into the kitchen. I don't subscribe to House of Turquoise for nothing. I think a nice turquoise will complement the reddish cherry cabinets and make for a very cheery space. Kitchen's should always be cheery in my opinion.

So, what do you think? Have I gone off the turquoise blue deep end?

Oh, and don't forget to go get your free Valspar sample and coupon! They only give out so many samples per day starting at 9am central. It took me a few tries to get in, but once I did, it let me pick whatever color I wanted. Good luck!


  1. Weird - A purple shade arrived at our house, and neither of us requested it... Hmmm...

  2. A. You and I are cut from the same cloth. I have three paint cans from Valspar. Giving me something free is like a moth to flame. I picked a turquoise, cherry red and bright yellow. Haven't decided what I need them for yet.

    B. Love the turquoise and red together. It lends itself well to so many styles. What I like best about the fabric, wall and rug combo in yours is that it's much more traditional use of the colors that what I normally see. Love it. I'm pretty much using that combo everywhere - in the extra bedroom, living room and dining room at the new house. Yay!


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