Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is one of my favorite holidays! I've always loved it, but it helps some that Stephen and I started dating/got engaged the evening before St. Patty's way back in the day. Like 50 years ago. It makes me feel all warm & happy.

It's also Joseph's first St. Patty's Day.

So we spent the morning decked out in green & rocking out to Flogging Molly. Dancing may have been involved.

Ack! G'er off me! Gross. Green mommy kisses! Blech!

He may not like green mommy kisses, but the kid sure does like green scrambled eggs.

Yes. I did. And later, I'm making Irish Soda Bread while jigging out to The Chieftains and maybe some Eileen Ivers.

There was also a green strawberry smoothie. I heart food coloring. Makes for good staches too...

It's GORGEOUS today! I took Joseph outside right after breakfast for a green photo shoot.. He loves going outside. He spazzes out and does a happy stamping dance when I open up the back door.

Mischief, thy name is Joseph. And that dark patch on his shirt? That's from about one minutes worth of drool. He's teething, so after months of a dry chin, he's turned into a little drool factory.

He doesn't understand why I'm opposed to eating rocks and ivy though. He's pretty sure I'm being unreasonable and that the rocks would really help with the teething. I'm a mean mother.

And no amount sucking up to me with those twinkling blue eyes is going to change my mind.


  1. His pictures get cuter in every new post you make!

    Also - my girls had green eggs for breakfast today, too! I love it!!!

  2. what a gorgeous boy! (and his mama!)

  3. Those eyes! Those eyes kill me. He's just too cute. Love that you went all out! My momma always went all out for holidays and I still remember them vividly (not maybe as young as your little guy, but still).

  4. killer blue eyes! so handsome!!!!! and i love your house!

  5. Those eyes are killer, so beautiful! Wishing you a Happy St. Patty Day! :)


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