Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Embrace} the Camera

Keepin' it real. I'd like to pretend that I am the quintessential 50's housewife who wears a neatly ironed dress, crinoline, apron, and jewelry. I'd like to say that I always have my hair and makeup done while bringing my husband scrambled eggs in bed. I'd like to say that I vacuum & dust everyday with a smile on my face. HA. In reality... I usually spend the first half of my day in flannel pants, a tank top, and my fluffy pink robe.

That 6am hair frizz, bed head ponytail and pink robe are super sizzling hot! Sometimes, I make sure to get dressed first thing in the morning. It makes me feel more motivated and together. But then I put the robe on over my clothes for warmth. Yes. I do. Stylish is my middle name. Besides, it was a Christmas present from Stephen.

By the way... Just pretend that there isn't a Christmas tree still up in the background. I swear, it came down Feb. 1st. I don't mind if Christmas lasts through January because it makes my husband happy. But February is my limit. That may seem crazy, unless I point out that he'd really prefer that I keep the Christmas tree up year round. Then it seems perfectly reasonable.

Also, since we have steam radiators that require oil and oil is expensive, we keep the downstairs at 50 degrees. Burrrr! It's actually not so bad. You get used to it. But that's why Joseph is wearing such a stylish winter hat indoors. Whenever he and I venture into what we call "the Arctic" we put on 4 or 5 layers of clothing. Fear not, I don't freeze my child... We stay upstairs where it's about 78 degrees most of the day. Thank you space heater and window unit! That's why I've been doing so much work on the upstairs. It's much easier to stay motivated when you don't feel like huddling with your baby under an electric blanket.

Please tell me I'm not the only one rocking a pink robe at home most days!


  1. great photos. sorry to break it to you...but you might be the only one rocking a pink robe. mine is purple! ha!

  2. Haha!! Great photos! I do not have a pink robe... however.. i wear my husbands old college hoodie and sweatpants as soon as i walk in the door from work :)

  3. love that hat! and those gorgeous eyes! our house is freezing, and our little one wears her hat sometimes too....our chihuahua is always wearing a sweater!

  4. BAM! Look at those blue eyes! Don't worry, I'm wearing an old college sweatshirt. It's not any better than a robe.

  5. Great post! Love the "real" photos!! You are awesome!


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