Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tidbits from Phillip the Historian

I had an actual phone conversation with Phillip the Historian... Eeee!

Um... He has a British (I think) accent. I'm definitely madly in love. He's probably 60, but who cares? As long as he wears a bow tie and tortoise shell glasses, my life will be complete. ;)

Rrrarr! Really, as long as he continues researching deeds and tax records related to my house, my life will be complete. And I will elope with him to the British Isles.

Anyways, we exchanged information and shared our plans for continued research. Here's what he was able to tell me (that I didn't already know):

  1. Mrs. Corbin (the woman who ran the Traveler's Inn and Coffee Shop) was married to a plumber. She died about 2 years ago and Phillip the Historian is supposed to meet with the lawyer who took care of her will to find out more information about her. He hopes to find out if the Traveler's Inn was run as a B&B.
  2. There is a gap in what we know about who owned the house between 1791 & 2003. So, the next time Phillip the Historian goes to the county courthouse for some hands on research, he's going to trace the deed record for my house and fill in that gap. Eeee! One less thing for me to research. Madly in love, I tell you!
  3. After interviewing some elderly locals, Phillip the Historian still hasn't been able to find anyone who remembers what the inside of the Coffee Shop looks like. But he has interviewed a few people who specifically remember going to Mrs. Corbin as kids and buying chocolate lollypop ice creams. Mmm. Sweet!
  4. Phillip the Historian has a copy of an old newspaper announcement for Thanksgiving business closings. Among the businesses listed is the Traveler's Inn & Coffee Shop.
  5. And the coolest thing I learned... In 1917, the local Seventh Day Adventist's chapel was closed down after a bad furnace fire damaged the building. They didn't have any money to fix the building for about a year, so they held services in my house. Maybe the owner at the time was a Seventh Day Adventist? Phillip the Historian learned about this while interviewing a woman who's mother used to play the piano for their services in my house.
This is getting kind of ridiculous. So far... Skating rink. Coffee Shop. Traveler's Inn. Place of worship. My house ROCKS!

Phillip the Historian lives nearby, so once we both have more information on the house, we'll meet to exchange documents. This is so much fun! Let the research (and desperate housewife/historian courtship) continue! ;)

P.S. I swear that I love you, Stephen!

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  1. Your house is AWESOME! And if you don't run away with Phillip the Historian, I might. ;)


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