Monday, January 31, 2011

111 Things in 1/11 - COMPLETE!

I participated in Jenny at Words On Wendhurst's 111 things in 1/11 blog party last week. I gleefully gave away 139 articles of clothing to Goodwill. Today, before January had the chance to come to an end, I even more gleefully destroyed, reorganized, and removed over 50 additional items from my bathroom.

Most notably, I went through my jewelry boxes. Something I haven't done since... Oh... Ever. Seriously, I had things from the 7th grade in there. I'm pretty sure that one of my little jewelry boxes was even from the 7th grade. SERIOUSLY. THE 7TH GRADE. I'm a pack rat to my core. Or maybe a level one hoarder? It's a problem. I'm working on it. We'll just say I'm overly attached to sentimental objects.

Not any more! I detangled all of the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings... and removed other non-jewelry items...

Don't ask. I have no idea why they were in there.

Then I began picking out all of the jewelry I never and will never wear... because it's from the 7th grade.

I'm only surprised I didn't find any spikey punk bracelets or metal punk chain necklaces. Yeah. I went through a black nail polish punk phase with my sister. Dude.

It's ok to get rid of friendship bracelets and necklaces when you are 24, right? The Friendship Bracelet god won't smite me down, right?

Wow. I feel so junior high school right now. It's embarrassing. I think I made that lizard necklace at a sleepover on my friend Caitlin's bed the night before 9/11. I think my friend Tiffany had the matching "you and me for eternity" necklace. We were best buds in the 8th grade. Inseparable. Hopefully, I won't go to 8th grade friendship hell for this, but I just can't keep all of my jewelry for eternity.

Earrings next... And yes, Minnie Mouse was in my jewelry box. Again... I have NO IDEA why.

And those giant hoop earrings... I can't wear them and feel like an adult at the same time. I just can't. They make me feel like I should be on Jersey Shore, bobbing my head and shaking my finger with attitude.

It makes me feel as though I am Tina Tina Shamoose. "Hah-Low! Ding dong! Doorbell!"

Not that there is anything wrong with hoop earrings... but they just aren't me.
Then there were random unmatched earrings...

And this... There are no words for this...

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?! How did that even get in there? That is something my Grammy would wear. Somehow, I think that those jewelry boxes were in desperate, desperate need of a cleaning.

So... After all of the fun trips down memory lane, I eliminated:

3 watches
2 rings
4 hair clips
8 pairs/non-pairs of earrings
9 bracelets
11 necklaces
2 pins
4 jewelry boxes
7 expired toothpastes
2 expired mouthwashes
1 mini broken ironing board

In all, I removed 50 items + various expired fist aid, medicinal, and sunscreen items (I failed to count as I happily tossed them out!). Woo hoo!

I kept my Mickey Mouse watch, all of my pearl necklaces, and the few other necklaces that I am known to wear on occasion... Which is not very often, but still. A girl has to have some jewelry. I'm working on where I am going to store my (now) manageable jewelry collection.

Among the keepers were my Turkish amulet bracelet. In Turkey (where my Mom was born), it is believed that people with blue eyes are more susceptible to evil spirits. So, you wear the evil eye bracelets to ward off the bad spirits. And I just can't have bad spirits hanging around.

Then there is this super stylish accessory. I might get rid of it after the last movie comes out this summer. Maybe. I'll think about it.

And these are  necessary to everyday life.

It is important to keep sticker earrings on hand. You never know when you might need to give them out to little cousins. Or... You know... Wear them while prancing around the house with your sister and a pink feather boa. Not that I would ever do that. Ever.

What a successful day. Now, I'm going to take all of the possibly valuable silver & gold jewelry to a pawn shop and get whatever I can out of it.

Oh, and Mr. Helpful wanted you to know that he was indispensable to the jewelry elimination process. Indispensable, I tell you.

Can you tell that I like pearls? I don't think I have enough. Don't worry, they are all in different styles. ;)

All together, that makes 189+ items gone in the month of January! Mission complete! And man, oh, man does it feel good! Thanks for the prompting, Jenny!


  1. Dude! Don't get rid of the hoops! You look awesome in them!! And sometimes you NEED some 'tude. They might come in handy when your little dude turns three!

  2. I had that exact same heart necklace in one of your first pictures. Ah, school days. I am so glad those are behind me. :-) Thanks for linking up - it was tons of fun!


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