Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Postcard-Worthy Home

I've begun actively searching for additional information about our house. I'm putting my rusty historical research skills to use - talking to elderly strangers and going through library archives. My ultimate goal is to find a picture of the inside of the Sandwich Shoppe in it's heyday. That. Would. Be. Incredibly. Awesome.

Naturally, I started with the online digital archives. Nothing beats researching from the beneath an electric blanket on a cushy couch at home. I started with a collection of 1940s/50s postcards of the valley... All 900 of them. Around 700 something, I hit pay dirt. I found a bonified postcard of my house as the "Traveler's Inn & Coffee Shop"!! Hell's yeah historical researching skills!

Check it out! It's the place to be! Why else would there be a postcard of it?

And, ok, upon first inspection, it's almost exactly the same as the picture we already had copied out of a town calendar...

But if you look closely, you can see that the postcard picture isn't cropped as closely to the house... Letting you see more of the tree that is currently the stump in our backyard AND a really sweet (probably black) car. Love.

Calendar                                                                    Postcard

Aside from that, the postcard is a much cleaner image, so I'm really jazzed up about it! Just look! Isn't it beautiful?


Once I finish browsing through the rest of the online archive collections, my next step will be to head out to the actual library and dig into some newspaper microfiche! Maybe go through some obituaries and look at some cemetery plots. The very thought makes me giddy! Does that make me a sick person?


  1. Wow! This is awesome~I cant wait to see and hear more about your historical house :)

  2. eeeeee!! :):) microfiche!!
    You're not sick. I spent two dollars to get the obituary of the person who owned our house before us. It's interesting!

  3. This is so cool! I love that you found it. Not sick at all - you are awesome.


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