Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unicorn + Rainbow = Raincorn OR Unibow... You decide.

The front hallway used to be somewhat dark.
The darkness made me sad because I am quite fond of the front hall and bright, sunny light makes me happy.
Then we tore out the front hall closet and broke through to the bright, sunny Sandwich Shoppe. It made such a difference in the overall atmosphere of the front hall.
It makes the Olive Gray paint look absolutely beautiful. Isn't the sunshiny light super pretty?
It's as if a unicorn bred together with a rainbow and they had cute little raincorn babies. Or would they be unibow babies?
Of course, there are downsides to the extra pretty light... It highlights the unfinished banister, drunkenly painted steps, spindles, and baseboards, crazy intricate cobwebs, and dust bunnies pumped up on steroids. It's hard not to quake in fear at their flexed super-muscled bunny ears.
But I have a plan to keep you from seeing all of those less than awesome aspects of the hall... See the pretty picture I put up in the hall? It's bright, cheerful, and happy. It's red and boldly states, "I am as awesome as an elephant and bear dancing together on top of a unicycle in the middle of the soda aisle at Kroger." It's all anyone is allowed to look at when walking through the hall. This I command!

I framed said pretty picture with one of the giant old windows from the Sandwich Shoppe. I've been using them as frames in various capacities throughout the house. I heart them. Along with Unibow light.


  1. I promise to only look at the pretty picture, not the dust bunnies. I also promise that I've never noticed the dust bunnies. At my house or yours. Pretty much the only time my stairs get wiped down is 10 minutes before guests arrive. ;)

  2. I just absolutely LOVE what your doing to the house :) all the remodelling, all the decorating, ESP. the decorating :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :)

  3. I busted out laughing at you in my pjs. It is hilarious, and it makes me smile that you wore them again, even when you had other options! You rock.


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