Monday, November 29, 2010

Exciting Siding: The Tale of a Veteran Leader & His Colorful Command Center

We're nearly done putting vinyl siding on the second story bathroom addition. It's a relatively easy process, despite the fact that one must traverse several levels of elevation to complete it. Once you measure, cut, and nail your corner trim & J-channels into place, it's simply a matter of sliding the pieces of siding into the J-channels and then loosely nailing them to the wall. The hardest part for us was remembering to grab the measuring tape before heading up the ladder to join the clouds.
As this was a very important task, our seasoned veteran project leader was there to oversee the work and give advice from his dignified command center whenever necessary.
Our fearless leader decided to trust his Dad's skills and let him measure and cut the siding without direct supervision. Captain Joseph believes that a good leader must trust his underlings with a certain amount of responsibility. How else are his project workers to learn?
Before allowing his Dad to begin work, Captain Joseph was careful to inspect the tools and siding which were to be used on this project. Only the best quality items would suffice. He made his Dad discard several hammers before finally approving this one. See how he examines it with reverence?
(In truth, Stephen may have been pretending to tap siding into Captain Joseph's head when this particular picture was taken...)
Under Captain Joseph's careful instructions, the addition siding should be done in no time. Even if he has to issue reprimands and climb those ladders to take care of it himself. He's quite a slave driver.

Fear not, Captain Joseph will have this joint looking pretty spectacular in no time. He was just informing me of his Christmas decorating plans and it should be pretty fantastic! Just you wait.

P.S. Captain Joseph would like to thank his Pappy and Aunt Freesa for their assistance in this matter. He is especially grateful for the use of his Pappy's ladders. He deigned to send you both his special nod of approval. A great honor indeed.

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  1. "Pappy", eh? I like it! :)
    Congratulations on siding! And on having such an awesome project manager. He's sure to keep you in line!


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