Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Longbrake Living in Pictures

When Mrs. Longbrake Living mentioned in passing on a blog post that she would eventually like to get some casual, outdoorsy family portraits taken, I jumped at the chance to expand my photographing horizons.

Having met once before, we were reasonably confident that neither of us was a creepy 55 year old internet stalker. So, I whipped out my professional photographer's license (hot off the presses and suspiciously written in crayon) and asked her if she would let me photograph her wonderful family in the very secluded Virginia woods.

See? Not creepy at all!

Right? Right??

In their defense, it's hard to find people willing to take more than a single snapshot of your family for free. And, when they do, they cut your heads off! The nerve!

Fortunately, Mrs. Longbrake doesn't seem to think I'm creepy, so she was also all for it. She even sent me a list of inspiration photos so that I'd have an idea of what she was looking for. (You don't think I'm creepy, do you Mrs. L??)

I knew just the spot for a professional photoshoot. Halfway between my house and her house. A lovely waterfall setting smack dab in the middle of the national forest. The perfect place to take two young babies for a photo shoot.

Ok, you can drive most of the way there and the actual trail is only about a 1/4 mile. So, really, it's not that bad. Especially when you've made yourself a spiffy wrap so you can tie your baby onto your back while you traipse about the forest pretending to be a professional photographer with mad skillz. BOOYAH.

I believe I was nursing Joseph in said wrap while taking that picture. Slightly awkward. Poor Mr. Longbrake.

So, thank you Longbrake family for being my willing guinea pigs in my first ever official photo shoot. You were lot of fun to spend time with! I appreciated your kindness and patience (*cough* Robert *cough*). I was impressed by your willingness to hang out with me from 3pm to 7pm while I snapped your picture in the middle of no where. You are a lovely family. Your munchkin is adorable - especially his cry ;) - and it was really great to spend time with you. Thank you so much for giving me the benefit of the doubt and letting me practice on you!

(Sidenote - We didn't spend the whole 4 hours taking pictures. Much of that time was spent driving between a recreational park and the national forest, hiking to the falls and back, and keeping the two small babies fed and happy.)

So, Mrs. Longbrake, while you wait for me to finish editing and uploading your pictures, I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. I know I'd be dying to see how all that time spent turned out!

By the way, we took 575 photos, but I will probably only upload the nicer ones. I'm going to weed out all of the crazy blurred photos caused by Mr. Helpful (*cough* Joseph *cough*), my own inability to hold a camera still, and rapid subject movement. Hair flipping seemed to be a popular blur ;). I'll still upload the funny faces though. For your viewing pleasure.


And don't you just have the hair for it too. I'll admit to being slightly envious. You have magnificent hair!
By the way, I stole your hair tie and will not be returning it. Too bad, so sad.

I love Colton's face in that last one. And that fact that your feet are dipped in a creek in October. High five for determination and keeping those smiles on your faces!

Now for some daddy shots:

Of the non-needle variety.

Hmm what's this for?

Super Baby to the rescue!!

You show that water who's boss!

Mom's turn!!

No. Really. Your hair rocks.

And you two are so cute together!

Out of the woods, back to the park. The park photos were all taken right around sunset.

What a gorgeous day!

FEET! Best. Baby. Face. EVER.

Don't you just love fall leaves?? They make me so happy!

Up in the air! There was a lot of discussion about not dropping the baby at this point in the photo shoot.

And whether or not a certain party could be trusted to do the throwing. So the other party got kicked out of the photo. Nicely. ;)

I love Colton's pose in this next one. It looks like he's taking a little bow.

 He's such a cutie!

Thanks again Longbrake family for transforming into guinea pigs on a lovely Saturday afternoon! I should have the photos uploaded sometime on Wednesday.

So... Anyone else game for a photoshoot? I'd like to keep practicing  in Manual and I really need to get better at giving instructions to my subjects. Sarah? Theresa? HMM???


  1. LOVE! I can't even pick a favorite one from these! Colton is also a big fan - he "talked" to each of them.

    I don't think you freaked out Mr. L; we have LOTS of friends that nurse, plus he's seen me pump. That, he told me, was freaky. (He would have said something if he was freaked - subtle he is not.)

    Hair flipping is essential to optimal hair. I can't help it. But really, you made my hair look FANTASTIC. I'm pretty sure it doesn't usually look like that.

    Also, yay for us not having an awkward moment this time! Sarah would be proud.

  2. ME! wow. very impressed. So, how do you feel about doing family portraits for us while you are here for Thanksgiving?? in a park just like these?? I'd say that I'd make a cute lil headband for Jofus in return, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like it... So, let me know what lovely treat you'd like in return...(and, more importantly, if you'd even like to do this for us!!)

  3. wow those are fabulous! you deserve a license made on a fancy computer now.
    that setting is gorgeous - great choice!

  4. LOVE them! And so impressed with Mr. Longbrake's patience. Can I borrow him, Mrs. Longbrake? My husband does not do hours of photos. Or, to be truthful, more than 3 minutes of photos.
    I totally volunteer to be a guinea pig. oink! oink!

  5. OMG~! I just love reading your blogs haha there so interesting and the pictures are all soo adorable and amazing!! hehe so um...yeah...can you FLY DOWN TO HAWAII and take some family photos for us :)

    Miss you so much!

  6. Gorgeous!!! You did such a great job. Do you want to meet half way between my house and your house and take our pictures? It's probably only a little over 1000 miles each way for each of us. No sweat, right??? :)

  7. Sarah, I think I'll keep Mr. Longbrake around just a tad longer! Although, I have to say he is NOT being patient waiting to see the photos.


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