Saturday, March 20, 2010

Willow Walls

We're still fixing up our damaged wall/ceiling with drywall and plaster. It's going to take a few days with all of the plastering before I can show you the end product. However, I do have progress to report!

My mom came and helped out today by painting what she could of the room for the nursery (everything but the drywall corner).

Mom is a pro at edging!

I'm still waiting for the paint to dry and the walls still need another coat. However, I think the Valspar Willow will work well in the room once there are things hanging on the wall and furniture. I'll let you know how it turns out once it's dry and daylight returns.


  1. ::GASP!!!:::
    Good choice, missy!
    The white trim, the dark floors, the cool green walls... heaven! Can I please be your baby?? ;)

  2. She does! I promised her that I wouldn't post any unflattering pictures.


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