Monday, October 5, 2009

Thermostat Discovery

The crusty old thermostat is now gone.

In removing it, the Professor discovered the following:

A flat, wallpapered wall. We think that someone roughly applied plaster of paris over the original walls to give the walls texture at some point.

I like finding old wallpaper. It's always neat to see what used to be there.
Of course... That doesn't mean we have to keep it that way.

Enter the new programmable thermostat:

Now the house will heat itself on its own whenever it needs to - and only when we're home.


  1. Yay! We love our matching thermostat. Now we can come to your house and know how to change the thermostat! ;)

    (not that we would, of course)

    unless you went all Mom on us and tried to freeze us all year. ;)

  2. 50 degrees all winter. you're doomed!

    except I'm not allowed an electric blanket this winter (apparently it's similar to a microwave...) so I may be upping the temperature to stay warm...


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