Sunday, October 4, 2009


This puppy is BIG. This is our monster window:
It's bigger than my largest couch. Naturally, this is the window that my husband started with. "It took up the most space." He had to put it in right away. He couldn't wait. Crazy man.

We took out the giant single pane of glass that was held in place by some strips of wood.
We didn't even break it. I'm very proud of that fact.

We put in new stops for the new window.
We tried to get it into the space from inside - but it kept getting stuck. So we took it outside and managed to squeeze it into the space from there.

I like it better than the single pane of glass. It looks more like an actual window than just a big open space to me. And we can open the skinny windows on either side. I enjoy having a breeze in my living room. Especially during Autumn.One window down. Seventeen more to go.

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