Saturday, October 3, 2009

Radiant Heat

Now that the nights are getting chilly, the Professor wanted to make sure that the heating system for the house was in working order. The first step to getting the heat to work was filling up the oil tank. A necessary, but painful, task.

Then, using the giant monkey wrench, we reattached all of the radiators to their pipes.
Then the Professor replaced all of the old steam release valves. The old valves whistled. The new ones just occasionally hiss quietly. Plus, the new ones are much shinier than the old ones.
Then the Professor turned on the furnace/boiler. After about an hour, the radiators and the pipes were completely hot and then the house very quickly became REALLY WARM. Too warm. We had to turn them off. Unfortunately, all of the heat was quickly sucked out of the house through our cracked, paper-thin windows.

That's ok. We're going to replace them. Soon. With these:
All 18 of them.

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