Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Magical Land

I live in a magical land.

A land where giant piles of water damaged boards, walls, and debris are taken care of by others.

A land where strangers show up with pickups and take away 1/4 of your pile of debris because it is in some way of value to them.

In a land where giant piles of debris that make your home look like a trash heap...
...are hauled away to the county dump by Wednesday - even when you are almost positive that there's no way that that will ever happen and you and your husband are going to have to take many trips in the rain to haul all of that debris in the back of your SUV to the dump yourselves.

I live in a magical land. Where you return home from work on Wednesday to find the entire giant pile gone. Missing. Mysteriously vaporized. Poof.

Thank you county employees. You made my Wednesday.

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  1. That is awesome. :)
    I also like that your trashcan says "Brute" ;)


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