Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rite Aid on the Sly

This past weekend, while the Professor, his grandfather, and his uncle worked on the Sandwich Shoppe, I spent a lot of time with my mother and grandmother-in-law. These ladies are the bargain hunting experts.

Now, my mother-in-law always knows about the different promotions going on in different stores. This past week - Rite Aid was offering to give you $20 back once you spent $100 at their store within a given time frame. Well my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law had already reached their $100 marks by buying items that they could get full rebates for. I, however, haven't been going to Rite Aid regularly because I've been busy with school.

That wasn't a problem though. Why? Because my mother-in-law picks up receipts that she comes across in the Rite Aid parking lot.

You see, lots of people leave their receipts in their basket or drop them in the parking lot. They aren't planning on using them again. She picks them up and if she needs them to reach a certain goal, she enters them in her account online. However, since she'd already reached her $100 goal for Rite Aid, she gave me the rest of her extra receipts:

She even entered their numbers into my account online for me while I made breakfast. Next thing I knew, I'd "spent" $80 some dollars at Rite Aid and I haven't even left the house. All I had to do was go spend $20 more and I would get $20 back from Rite Aid.

Even better, this week Rite Aid had a lot of items being offered for full rebates through the single check rebate program (check the last page of their weekly circular!). So, I spent $50 on soar throat medicine, soar muscle medicine, cold medicine, etc. and since every single one of the items in the picture below were part of the rebate program, I'll get that full $50 back.
My favorite was the carmex lip gloss - I'll be needing that in a month or two!

That means that so long as I request my rebate check by the end of this rebate period, I'm getting about $70 from Rite Aid this month and I haven't even really done anything. I think I'm ok with that arrangement.

Have you been to Rite Aid this week? Just think! $50 worth of stuff is just waiting for you to get a full rebate! Go check it out! Hopefully the stores still have the items in stock, but I don't make any promises.


  1. you make it seem a lot less embarrassing. My first post was about this madness you people love.

  2. ::hangs head in shame::
    No, I have not signed up for, nor have I purchased anything for the rebate program. I was all ready to get started after your first Rite Aid post, and I anxiously awaited the circular on Sunday morning... and then there was absolutely nothing I could use with rebates. I don't have hemorrhoids, nor do I need adult diapers. :(
    So then I lost momentum. Maybe this week! :)

  3. It's not about "needing" the stuff... It's about getting it for FREE! You may not have hemorrhoids, but you can give it to someone as a gift, or conduct experiments with it. It's free, so why not?

  4. I remember that post Theresa - it's probably more embarrassing when you are there in person - but since she brought them to my house and I magically spent $80, it seemed perfectly reasonable at the time.

    5C, no shame - I've been really bad about doing it since school started up, so I'm also behind. I know what you mean, though. The weekly circular is better some weeks than others. Sometimes there will be one or two items and sometimes there will be 15 items. It just depends. That's why you have to check the circular online once a week when it comes out Saturday night. You always have the option of getting the hemorrhoid cream and the adult diapers and donating them. Your basically getting them for free and I'm sure someone out there can use them. I think that's what mom does. I purchased denture glue this weekend and just gave it to Grandmom to give to Aunt Mary because I don't need it. It just depends. I probably wouldn't have purchased it if Grandmom wasn't visiting. I Knew I could get rid of it right away.


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