Saturday, October 10, 2009

Destruction Day

Husband + Sledgehammer = Master of Destruction (& Happy Husband)

Sledgehammer + water damaged boards = not a snowball's chance in Hell
I do like men and sledgehammers... Sorry Love - man...
Notice anything different in this picture? See all of that light? Coming from the hole in the roof?
Say goodbye to Mr. Roof.

This is just some of the debris that resulted from our day of destruction:
Hey! The wall surrounding the "bathroom" is gone! So's the sink.. Now we just have to somehow pull out all of the piping and the nasty toilet.

All of the debris was moved to the doorway...
Where I sorted it into different piles and trashcans for the nice garbageman.

As for the roof...
It's only about half off -we'll finish the second half tomorrow.At the end of Destruction Day, the sledgehammer wielding husband is two things: dirty & hungry.
But does he wait to wash his hands or take a shower before he eats? Nope. What would be the point of that?I yelled at him... But it didn't stop him from eating. He just finished with no hands.
Bad husband!

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