Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Because

I didn't have the best day at school. I sent a kid to in-school detention for being a butthead and spent a lot of time trying to keep my annoying monkeys in line. Let's hear it for Fridays before three day weekends (not for me - just for them).

Anyways, my day has improved considerably. Why? Because of this:

The Professor brought me flowers, white cranberry peach juice with seltzer water, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and potato rosemary bread. He set it up on the counter where I would see it the moment I walked in the door. HAPPINESS ON A COUNTER!

It may be a odd assortment of items, but it's what I like - and he knows that :).

I asked him what the occasion was. His response, "Because I love you."

Aww. Thanks Love!

He was also making dinner:
Chipotle chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies (for me only), and homemade vanilla ice cream:
it was a lovely start to the weekend!
I love you too sweetheart!


  1. 1. I'm sorry about the ISS thing. That stinks and so do kids when they are buttheads! They can totally ruin your day, but they get to sit in a room doing nothing all day. I vote to bring back corporal punishment!

    2. I WISH my "assortment of items" that make me happy included tomatoes....instead of ice cream, cookies, sugar, fat, etc!!!!

    3. AWWWWWW!


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