Monday, October 26, 2009


I love red berries. I think cherries & winter berries are beautiful. I'm not sure if these are winter berries, but there are two large bushes of them in my absent neighbors yard. I may have to pick some for a little bouquet. I don't even feel guilty because I have permission to steal flowers and berries from their yard while they're gone.
I think winterberry is usually closer to the branch than these are. Maybe it's just a different type than what I'm used to? Regardless, I think they are happy and cheerful.
I think I'm going to have to make or buy a winter berry wreath for the front door this winter. I just love the way they look...


  1. I think that wreath is pretty. You should make it. Better yet, WE should make it. Lat' have a girl wreath making party this fall/winter!

  2. YOU ARE ON THE SAME WAVE AS ME! I was just thinking that Sarah, you, and I are due for a girly weekend date!


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