Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nursery Inspiration Part II

The saga continues.

Here's a nursery from Rambling Renovators.
It's great because I've got a radiator to think about and they did a lovely job creating a seat over the radiator:
And I love the little balloon in the window:
Here are some nurseries with lots of white:

The drape/netting over the cribs is really very sweet.

Green pom poms:
This is a terrific mixture of colors - the quilted window drape is so pretty!

Very cheerful framed frog pictures and cute matching dresser knobs:
Whites, tans, & browns - I like the birch wood curtain rod & wicker chair:
Painted alphabet - the background may be a bit much, but it would be very easy to do with alphabet stencils.

I like all of the colors on the pale yellow:
Look at the little sheep in the corner!
So many ideas. One more nursery post to go!

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