Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We're hoping to slowly replace our windows throughout the fall and winter. It will improve our electricity bill and make for a more comfortable house.
The Professor had a hard time getting the original window out of the frame. He did all of this before I got home from work, so no pictures. Needless to say, the window was practically painted into place and painted completely shut. Lots of scraping and prying was involved. Rob - the Professor said to tell you that you had it SO easy!!
There weren't any stops to speak of on the outside of the window - hence it being painted into place. So we added some.
It's going to be a long process but it will also mean that 1) we'll have screens and 2) we can actually physically open our windows. Our first window:

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  1. Who IS that man?? He can't be your husband! He's not wearing plaid!
    Congratulations on your first window! :) Sorry it wasn't so easy. Your house has been around for more than twice the time our house has, so I'm guessing that means twice the coats of paint. :(


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