Monday, September 7, 2009

Bargain Shopping

The Professor's parents came to visit this weekend - they came to visit, but also because my Mother-in-law wanted to check out the deals at a local Mennonite-run store. It's hard to beat their prices.
I actually enjoy grocery shopping with my Mother-in-law because she's a walking price encyclopedia. We form a train with our carts and I follow her up and down each aisle (first on the right, then on the left) as she tells me what's a good deal, what's average, and what's overpriced.
The produce has fairly average prices. The canned vegetables and juices are wonderfully priced, so stock up! Don't buy shampoo or soaps or cleaning supplies at this store because you can get them for free from CVS or Rite Aid. Definitely buy the cheese because the cheese of the week is such a low price per pound, etc., etc. I learn all sorts of things about pricing from her. Thanks Mom!


  1. I still don't understand how to get free shampoo or soap. Blog-worthy topic? ;)

  2. Ah - excellent idea. If I don't explain it well though, don't let that frustrate you. I learned from Mom in person and at the store, so we can always go down the route where I take you to Rite Aid & CVS.


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