Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We're going to have all black appliances because they blend well with the dark cabinets and the Professor really likes black appliances. So, we figured black hardware on the cabinetry would work well. The Professor picked out a selection of knobs he liked online and then we headed to Lowes to check them out. I have a hard time looking at stuff online. I have to touch everything before I decide if I like it. We almost went with this wrought iron knob, which I liked quite a lot:

But it had too much gray in it to go with my reddish cabinets. So I went looking for a knob that had more of a red undertone. The solution: Venetian Bronze. Black with a little hint of red underneath. You can see on the ends of the handle and the knob that there are little intentional scratch marks that show a coppery color underneath. That's just a close up image from Lowes. The scratches are actually barely noticeable when the knobs are on the cabinets. I like them. They are simple, substantial, and unfroufy. I don't think froufy would go well with the macho countertops...

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  1. ooooo! So nice! Cabinet hardware definitely has to be touched to select the right kind. Good job!


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