Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cabinet ELVES Came!

I woke up (...I was dragged out of bed at 5:30am - which wasn't so bad since I'd gone to bed 12 hours before) to discover that the wall cabinets had been installed in the second part of the kitchen/back entryway over night by the mischievous cabinet fairy.
Then I came back from bargain shopping to find the lower wall cabinets had been installed while I was gone! Cabinet fairy strikes again!
So our kitchen is expanding all on its own! It's really coming along. Plus, the mirrors make the room feel so much bigger!
Your next kitchen update may involve something with legs. Sexy butcher block legs...
And I might even catch the fairy in action if I stay up late enough!


  1. Sorry, sorry. I failed to remember my fairy (elf?) tales.

  2. Are you calling Stephen a fairy? Because boys don't like that! ;) They look great!

  3. I read back through my comment today and what I meant was THE CABINETS look great. While fairies probably look great, and so do boys, just in case you were confused (as I am) THE CABINETS LOOK GREAT!!

  4. Mrs. 5C - Thanks! I got your meaning - no worries! Although, I suppose fairies/elves and boys look great too :P


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