Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Joys of the Comment Box

You may or may not recall from my classroom pictures that I keep a comment box in my classroom. I like hearing suggestions and concerns from students, but I know some students are too shy to voice such concerns or suggestions aloud. Hence the comment box.

Now, when I wrapped this little adidas shoe box up in wrapping paper and cut a hole in it, I knew that I would probably get mostly joke notes. I knew all ofthat going in. To me, all of that is worth it if I eventually get a note that allows me to help a student in some way.

So far, nothing serious, but this is what I have received to date:

-Markers. For some reason, the markers that are supposed to go in the baskets next to the box, often end up in the comment box.
-Crumpled up scrap paper. It's like a basketball hoop.
-All the tiny paper hole punch circles from the hole puncher. You've got to empy those somewhere.
-And the only real note I've had to date:

Dear Teacher,

I am very concerned about something. I seem to really like guys butts. I keep staring at them. I am concerned that I am gay. Can you help me?

-Anonymos (yes it was actually spelled that way)

Oh, the joys of having a comment box.

The comment box is actually a nod to one of my favorite high school teachers, Mr. Novak. Now, Mr. Novak did something very simple at the start of every day that always made the day seem better. He said the following in a very enthusiastic voice: "Good morning/afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen!! Are there any Questions, Comments, or Concerns for the good of the order?" Just that. Every single day at the start of class. So I have a comment box and I often ask the students at the start or the end of the class how they are and if they have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions. Sometimes you get nothing and sometimes you get a whole slew of questions.

Maybe one of these days the comment box will prove useful.

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  1. Now the important question: can you figure out by the handwriting WHICH student really likes guy's butts?
    AND can you somehow reference guy's butts as an addiction in your history lesson? ;)


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