Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holy Hardware, Batman!

"Holy hardware, Batman! You're finally posting about hardware installation!! An entire week after it happened!"

First you have your husband mark where you want the knob:
Then you have your husband drill a hole with the bat-drill:

Faces are always a necessity when working with husbands:

Then you follow behind your husband and install the bat-screw and bat-knob. Be sure to tighten it!
Hardware is great! It solves the problem of trying to open a cabinet door from the wrong side! Holy guacamole, we need to cut down on the frustrations in life! Install hardware now! Fail to follow these orders and receive an "URKK, SWOOOSH, KER-POW, SPLAT, and a BLURP" for good measure. It's the little things.
Holy Merry-go-rounds! The knobs turned out nicely!
Holy fruit salad! We still have to install the drawer pulls. I forgot! The pulls require longer bat-screws than the ones they came with. Perhaps next week?

P.S. I think there is a bat hiding in my house somewhere. I keep hearing it chitter, but I can't seem to pinpoint its location. I might have to wait until it starts flying around my house tonight. YAY!

Apparently I need a battrap:

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  1. wow. That was SUCH GOOD ACTING! ;)
    I'm happy your hardware is installed. It looks so good! And it's so nice to make home improvements that actually improve your quality of life immediately. :)


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