Monday, July 13, 2009

Ode to the Car Wash

Dear little Car Wash across the street,
Please don't take this the wrong way,
But I think you'd look better with a sheet
Thrown over you and covered in hay.

You see, Car Wash, the terrible problem is,
You stand between me and my mountains.
Next doggy walk, Ike will take a big whiz,
Then I'll quietly rip out your fountains.

I know that daily, you do a great job
Helping vehicles go from dusty to clean,
But I personally would send a great mob,
To burn, loot, and rip out your spleen.

One day, just wait, you'll be put up for sale,
I'll snatch you up before anyone else can,
Then, oh no, oh my! Like a terrible gale,
I'll demolish you and develop a new plan.

I'll plant a huge garden, so flowery fresh,
A winding stone path and pretty white bench.
With my charming town my garden will mesh,
While the Car Wash spends time in a trench.
I can dream.

P.S. Ike was my first dog. He's a old, grouchy dachshund now.

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