Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flat Chested Doors

At last count, we have about 13 doors inside our house. Only one of them is a paneled door.

Single Sexy Paneled Door:
The rest of the inside doors are flat. Some of the flat doors are white and some are unpainted.

So, for the most part, we have plain, flat-chested doors.

The flat-chested doors are extremely jealous of the paneled door with its expansive bosom.

Unfortunately, new paneled doors are expensive. Besides that, most of my door frames are odd sizes and there's no guarantee that a new door would fit.

So here's my plan - I'll give the flat-chested doors a small boob job and corset. From A to C.
How is this possible? With a little bit of molding an a table saw set to a 45 degree angle, I can do anything! I haven't tried this out yet, but I found some great instructions on how to proceed. Click HERE to see a how to video on how to give a room depth by taking your doors from a size A:To a size C:

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  1. oh REALLY?! I may have to work on this project as well!

    also... f I affix molding to my boobs will they appear to be a C cup? ;)


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