Monday, July 13, 2009

Doorframe Issues

Here's the question for the day - Let be or DESTROY?

The object of this question:

From the upstairs landing, you walk through this doorframe and encounter an itty bitty alcove area. Once, you could walk into this room and then walk into the room next to it through that room. But at some point, someone decided they wanted the two rooms to be separated. Hence, the fake wall and alcove.

The barrier is made up of wooden slats that have been painted white to imitate the wall. The wooden flooring continues under the barrier, so ripping it out wouldn't leave a gap in the floor boards.

One of the problems is that this little alcove also makes the room on the other side much smaller and more oddly shaped than it actually is.

Then there's the fact that the door doesn't even fit in the doorframe and therefore cannot be closed...

And the back of the light switch box is sticking out of the "wall"...

So, what say you? Let it be, or destroy it?

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