Monday, June 8, 2009

Witty Floor Post Title (Seriously?!)

The floors in our house were pretty badly scarred up when we bought the house. Even worse, whoever last refinished the kitchen floor needs to be fired. I don't mean let go from there job, I mean call out the firing squad and fire on that person. Look what they did:Since when is it okay to half sand a floor and then refinish it?!?! They left strips of dark stain on the pine floor and then polyurethaned over it!!! No, that is not naturally occurring! Which leads me to an SNL inspired moment.

You couldn't just finish sanding the stain away first?


You like having big dark sections all over your pine floor?? Did you really think it would look good?!?!


What? You ran out of sand paper?? The polyurethane couldn't wait any longer??

Are you serious?!?!?!?

Anyways, the first two things we did as homeowners (on the same weekend, in fact) was sand and refinish the floors on the first floor and install insulation in the attic. Yeah. We were ambitious. We finished the insulation in about 5 hours. The floor refinishing of the entire first floor took us about two weeks. Sanding, vacuuming, and polyurethaning--7 coats later.
During those two weeks, I spent a lot of time hanging out in knee pads, wearing ventilation turtle masks, and staring obsessively at every little scratch on the floor. Eee gads. The big sanding machine only gets up so much unless you buy gobs and gobs of sandpaper, which gets expensive.So we did a good chunk of the sanding with hand held sanders. It works, but it takes FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER.

Also, the handheld means that your arms and hands endure a lot of vibration.

We documented our first weekend of homeownership. It was worth it. The kitchen floor looks much better now. Just straight pine and many of the boards are very beautiful. The knots in the pine actually go very well with the cabinetry.The oak floors throughout the rest of the first floor turned out very well. I'm not sure that they are original to the house. I know that pine floors are. The pine makes up the upstairs floor, the stairs, the kitchen, and the laundry room. The oak covers the rest of the first floor.I spent a lot of time in the attic disturbing the bats. They weren't really happy about the whole insulation thing. They flew at my head a lot. I probably have rabies and will begin frothing at the mouth at any moment.You better keep you evil flying camels on a short leash Mrs. Five Camels! If they become rabid then...
Alice may even become rabid. Then she would be SO much different than usual... *cough*

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  1. haha.. you have a point. My cat may gain some normalcy if she WERE rabid. Bring on the bats! I liked the SNL clip. :) I hadn't seen that before. I pose similar questions to our house's previous owners quite often. Your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL. Quite inspiring... really. :)


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