Monday, June 8, 2009

Glazed Pears

Although I wish that I had real glazed pears, I am actually talking about paint colors!

I have completely painted the kitchen and the back entry room adjacent to the kitchen a very light beige-ish color called "glazed pears." I also finished painting the trim in both rooms a bright white.Against he kitchen cabinets, the color is very neutral, which I like. If you look at the window trim, you can see the difference in color of the painted walls.

I pulled away a strip of painted over tape (?!?!) and found a previous paint color - yellow.
I also found yellow when I moved the radiator away from the wall. Yellow molding. Ick. I get the feeling that a previous owner somewhere along the way really, really liked yellow...
The side door still needs a coat of paint. Actually, it needs to be sanded way, way down on the outside.
I think it turned out all right. I still periodically walk up to the walls and ask them if they are trying to be pink. I fear the pink. The walls deny all association with pink, so I have hope.
I especially like the trim against the walls. The paint really cheers up the room.

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