Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sky is Falling!!!!

One of the Professor's favorite nicknames for me is "Chicken Little."
I'm not really sure why--I think it's a combination of his love for the phrase "chicken butt" and the fact that I'm over a foot shorter than him. Or maybe there is some resemblance:My typical response to being called "Chicken Little" is to say, "I'm not little!!"

However, today, my response is: "The sky is falling!!!"The ceiling in the front hallway looked bad - as though it had only ever received one very thin coat of off white paint...I just wanted to paint it. That's all. Honest.

So, is the ceiling supposed to peel away with the paint roller?Because that is just what it did. It looks like some thick papery wallpaper that was glued up there with blue adhesive that does not like humidity.

I grabbed some glue and a few nails and made a lame attempt at patching:You can't see it in the picture, but to add insult to injury, my paint job has done nothing. It's as though the paper absorbs the paint and it goes right back to looking bad. I picked up some oil based stain blocking paint and I'll see if that helps any. Besides, the dining room ceiling is covered in stains!

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