Monday, June 15, 2009

Cooking Like It's 1890!!

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about restoring our kitchen to something similar to this 1890s dream kitchen:
(Notice also the rosettes/medallions on the corners of the door frame. I like them and have been considering them for some of the door frames in our house)

There were only two problems--the Professor would never go for it and I really wouldn't want to light a fire every time I wanted to cook dinner. Oh, yeah, and it's expensive. But, gosh, those big old cast iron stoves are gorgeous! Here's another 1890s (British) kitchen:I could be crazy, but I grew up with a father who collected cast iron pans, pots, trivets... If it was cast iron, we owned it. I grew up cooking on 100 year old pans. I still do! So, yes, I do drool over babies like these:I might even drool over sinks like this:And I love dry sinks!*Sigh*

As it is, I love how our kitchen is turning out and I'm really going to love cooking in it. But I like to think about how the kitchen might have looked back when it was brand-spanking new.

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  1. haha... you are crazy. :)
    Though I do agree... the medallions are cool. :)


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