Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prufe Against Mice

When I was insulating the attic, I came across at least 10 of these:

D-Con Mouse-Prufe traps with an exclusive all natural blend of mouse poison! I'll admit that my first thought was, "Prufe?!?! What was wrong with 'proof'?" But then I started wondering when these little traps were placed up in the attic. I'm not entirely sure, but I found a 1969 advertisement for the D-Con Mouse-Prufe traps which I really like:
I don't mind mice. I definitely don't ever want them in my home, but I'm not about to climb up on a chair if I see one. After all it's just a little mouse.
Then again, we found these paw prints on top of the water boiler in our basement:

They are too big for a mouse. Maybe a larger rodent or a small cat? Or maybe, we have a monster mouse with crazy eyes lurking in our basement:


  1. Maybe it's Mighty Mouse?
    if it's a racoon, I am an expert racoon catcher! I'll capture it for you, though I might get rabies!

  2. I was leaning towards raccoon myself! I'd love to have you catch the raccoon for me--mostly because that means you have to come visit me and I can use you as slave labor--er, I mean hang out with super sister-in-law.

  3. Oh, and we all have rabies. We live with bats. You'll fit right in!


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