Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dark & Dingy vs. Clean & Bright

The laundry room has always come off as dingy and dirty and dark up until now. It gets plenty of light, but it still felt darker than it was. Why? Well, partially because everything was coated in a thick layer of dirt/dust. Not the most inspiring place to clean your clothes. As soon as I started priming the walls, I discovered the other reason for it's dingy appearance:Besides Michelangelo, who the heck paints a ceiling any color other than white?? Maybe I've lived a sheltered life? I'm so confused!
Understanding the gravity of the situation, the Professor even pitched in to help... AND he's allergic to painting! On the up side, he doesn't need a ladder to reach the ceiling. Some things in life are so unfair. Yeah, well, I can fit in the cabinets! So there!

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