Tuesday, October 8, 2013

That Time A Truck Crashed Into My House

Note: This post somehow got deleted. I'm just putting it back up. Sorry if it reappears in your reader!

HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!?!?!??!

fORTUNATELY, THIS OCCURRED BACK IN THE 40s/50s. I would not be at all excited if this happened while we lived here. (Please, God, let's skip that lovely adventure. Amen.)

My source wasn't sure exactly when this happened, but you can bet there was probably a newspaper article on it and you can bet I am on my way to the library to look through the archives for said newspaper article.

Oh, fine. You got me. I'm really on my way to the library to see a fire truck with my kids. We do love our storytime... But THEN! Serious. Historical. Research. (Because my kids will so sit through that...)

Not gonna lie, it's a little scary to think about a truck crashing into the front of my house. But the pictures are SO COOL! I mean, seriously?! How many people have pictures like this of their home?!

When Jeannie (Bless her!) at the town office told me she had pictures of a car accident in front of my house, I thought for sure she was talking about this photo of a 1946 accident that I unearthed 2 years ago:

I was so freaking excited when I realized she had photos of a completely different accident. Not that I'm happy about the actual accidents. especially since we're talking pre-airbags. But, still... so excited. I'm a bad person. I've accepted it. You can just see the sign for the Traveler's Inn and Coffee Shop in the background of the 1946 crash. Back then, I was so disappointed that I couldn't make out all of the words on the lower sign. Now? Problem solved.

"Traveler's Inn"
"Coffee Shop"
"Home Cooked Meals"

I'll be recreating those signs for the inside of the Sandwich Shoppe when we get around to finishing it. For sure!

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