Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joseph is 3. Juliana is 1. Somebody hold me!

Joseph turned 3 last month. Juliana is turning 1 today. I keep tearing up while watching them play together. Crying actually. Really it's quite absurd.

It's just... I didn't give them permission to grow up so fast! I just want to sit and snuggle them as much as possible. They want to go play. Snuggling is LAME, Mom! Well, too freaking bad. We are snuggling, damn it!

I had the chance to take portraits of them together when they were rested and happy and, if you can believe it, cooperative. I may have been carrying fruit snacks on my person for bribery and there may have been a PEZ dispenser attached to the top of my camera. It was kind of the greatest thing ever. Just sayin'.

I love how they all turned out, but these ones really make my heart hurt:

"Ew! Get him off of me!"

"I want to run, too!"

"Mommy, I'm so handsome!"

She makes this face all the time when she's up to no good:

We call this one, "The Uncle Rob".

My baby girl's pigtails.

She makes this face whenever she's thinking about grabbing something off the ground for a taste test.

The hat kills me. Special thanks to my sister Kate for "losing Auntie points" to get Joseph this outfit for his birthday.

Best of all, I'm so glad my kids like each other. They are so sweet when they play together.

I have to go get a tissue now, but you can see the rest here.

I need a hug.


  1. YOUR BAYBEEEEEEEES!!!!! Oh, now I'm all verklempt with you. It hurts my heart... this growing up is so not allowed.
    I love that you don't even have to curl Juliana's pigtails to make them do that. That one of her from behind... those pigtails kill me.
    And HOW did your son manage to turn out looking so much like Rob... the aviators... I die.
    I love you.
    Hold me.

  2. I'm VERY impressed that Joseph is in with the lastest fashion trend of wearing "high socks" instead of "ankle socks." Very nice touch! They are adorable!!!! Those pigtails are perfect!!!

  3. This is SO cute! The Rob picture is priceless, ha! I love these!

  4. I AM DEAD. These pictures are truly priceless. They need to be in a magazine.

    And I love the little man's hat. And the little gal's pigtails. And the dress!

    Oh my word. These photos just warm my soul.


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