Thursday, March 7, 2013


We are igloo-ologists.

In the unlikely event that you are confused--igloo-ologists build igloos every time there is enough snow to do so. They can't help themselves. They are snow addicts. No, not that snow. Fluffy snow. Of the snowflake variety.

The last time we had enough snow to build an igloo, I was six months pregnant with Joseph.

10 minutes long. Skip around.
And 90 gajillion points to the first person not related to me who can identify the last song. you're cool. let's be friends.

Yes, I am six months along in the above video. Yes, I am serious. No, you don't have to yell at me. It's been taken care of. Joseph was born with a love for snow, so it was completely worth it. End of discussion.

So, anyways, it's been over three years without a snow big enough for igloo building. Read: Addict withdrawal. With the end of winter nearing, Stephen was starting to despair. His son NEEDED an igloo, people!

Then along came Winter Storm Saturn. Ta-da!

Woot, woot! We were smack dab in the 12-18" range!! :) :) :) That much snow + Stephen = igloo = HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY. No way was that man going to work today. He had very. important. things. to do with his son.

We put our 16" to good use. Joseph spent the entire day outside. No joke. Skipped naptime and everything. It's how we know the milkman has no claim on the kid. Definitely Stephen's son. Has the snow addict gene.

We started our morning with waffles, snow plow watching, and snow paint (elmer's glue + shaving cream).

Had to start the morning off flexing our snow muscles with something. Plus, we needed an occupation while we waited for Daddy to wake up so we could go OUTSIDE!

As soon as Daddy woke up, we got right to igloo building. Here is Joseph "helping" by using his substantial weight to pack the snow into our Igloo cooler.

Igloos take time. You really have to commit. It's a 4-5 hour process that involves coolers, shovels, saws, a very long nap taken by a 10 month old, and hide & seek with a son who only ever hides inside the igloo walls, but is very hard to locate.

However, since building an igloo just isn't enough when surrounded by such glorious bounty, we also set up a snow cone bar.

Dug a maze trail through the backyard that led to "Snow Mountain" and scaled it. (Read: A place on the opposite end of the yard where you can tell your toddler to go "climb" when you need him to not knock over your igloo walls in their infancy.)

Took up residency in our new home.

Complete with fab light fixtures:

And very, very chic seating.

After dinner, we Skyped family and friends from inside our new home while sipping hot cocoa and declaring we'd moved to the North Pole (where one has easy access to technology).

Made and happily devoured maple syrup snow taffy for desert at dusk.

Went baby sledding just past dusk.

Built a carrot-nosed snow mommy and snow baby in the dark.

And then climbed back inside the igloo.

Awesome day. Super fun. Strangely tired. Good Ni----ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

This post is comprised of phone and camcorder pictures. Sorry. My camera is broke-ed-ed-ed. We are working on getting it fixed.


The sad face didn't fully convey my anguish...

Hysterical wailing. Hair pulling. Teeth gnashing.

There. More accurate.


  1. You are super hardcore. I am not, but this looks like a ton of fun (once the igloo is built, before that, I would happily watch you from the kitchen window).

    YOUR CAMERA IS BROKEN? How? What are you going to do?

  2. So. Much. Fun. Glad you made the most of your awesome family snow day!

  3. You're crazy. Which is why I love you. Craaaaa-zy. :)


  4. That is awesome!!! I'm so jealous of your snow. We didn't get anything here in NC.

  5. this is absolutely amazing!! i would be totally freaked out/disgusted by that much snow but you guys have embraced it. that original video is the best. and how awesome that your kids are having these amazing experiences! i'll take a blue snowcone...

  6. This is amazing. Holy smokes. I don't even have the patience for a snowman and you guys are building an igloo. So cool!


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