Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy (Snowy?) St. Paddy's!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

It's snowing outside. A lot. It's not sticking to the roads, but everything else is fair game. We've already got about an inch. Stephen, lover of all things snow-related and manly builder of igloos, just looked out the window and wailed, "WHY IS IT SNOWING?!?! I wasn't prepared for this! We are halfway through March for crying out loud!!!"

To which I (quite reasonably) responded, "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?!" Of course, I said this while frantically searching my vicinity for a weapon with which to defend myself and my baby because the man standing before me who looked like my husband quite obviously was not my husband. My husband had clearly been kidnapped by Pod People. They must have replaced him with a robot lookalike while I was busy cooking dinner!

Not cool, Pod People, not cool! It's St. Patrick's Day--the holiday I associate with a he-finally-kissed-me glow coupled with a he-put-a-ring-on-it glow... So, like, I'm always super happy today or some such nonsense. In other words, return my husband this instant!! Please?!

Oh, fine you can keep him. I will just enjoy the rest of my St. Patty's Festivities with the kids.

  Leprechaun foot & hand prints and shamrock paint. Bahahaha.

Juliana and I made Guinness stew, garlic mashed potatoes, wheat rolls, and Irish soda bread.


Juliana really did "help" make all of the above delectable Irish dishes. We tried hip-carrying with the Ergo and discovered that it's perfect for cooking! It enables her to see everything that's going on and hold things for me while making it possible for me to keep her away from fun baby things like knives and ovens and stove tops.

You know what else the hip-carry is perfect for? DANCING! Lots of jig music and spinning and baby giggling :). Love me some Irish & Celtic Music Podcasts from Marc Gunn, but I am particularly enjoying Gaelic Storm lately.

Did you know they were the steerage band performing "An Irish Party in Third Class" in the movie Titanic? Way better than that "my heart will go on" crap. My current favorite by them right now is Johnny Tarr:

It's been stuck in my head all day.

Combined with Flogging Molly blasting down from the upstairs where a certain (maybe real?) husband is installing plumbing in the Master Bath, today's just about perfect. But more on that later... For now, I hope your St. Paddy's day was as wonderful and musical and relaxed as mine!!


  1. YUM!!!! Looks amazing!! :) I love that you embrace St. Paddy's day so enthusiastically every year, Super Mom. ;) I have fond memories of dancing around your kitchen to Flogging Molly. :)
    I have much to say... can I comment on every sentence? Let's see...
    I had to re-read the part about Stephen's snow dismay. Surely he was being ironic? Does he have a fever?
    Juliana's eyes in the stew picture. OMG. Gorgeous little lady.
    ERGO DOES HIP-CARRY??? That's FANTASTIC! I just bought a used one on ebay last night... EEEE!!!

  2. I love everything about this post, but I am not gonna lie, the Guinness stew takes the cake. YUM.


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