Tuesday, December 4, 2012

3rd Annual Gingerbread Wars!!! - Zombies vs. The Doctor

Here it is, folks! Gingerbread Wars 2012! Team Bone Shrapnel (the men) vs. The Women Folk (the, er... women). And no, we didn't get to pick our name. Or our logo. Obviously. Can't you tell?

If you are new to Gingerbread Wars or need a refresher, check out our many creations from past years. However, this year, I really think we outdid ourselves. It. Was. AWESOME. Just you wait!

First off, props must be given to my 2.5 year old son who did an excellent job making...

...ahem, "his" gingerbread dough.

Props will not be given to my 6 month old daughter who was never content to be in one spot for longer than 6 minutes throughout the entire process (see baby in box above). Very unhelpful of her.

Who me, Mom? I don't know why you are bothering with the bouncy seat when you know you are just going to end up baking one-handed with me on your hip. Silly Mother!

So, gingerbread, check. Friends, check. Power tools, check.

What? Gingerbread is serious business. 

Team Bone Shrapnel (Stephen, Mark, & Aaron) created a lovely church (complete with cemetery & broken stained glass windows) set in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

The boarded up church is defended by a brave soldier and his jeep mounted with candy cane gun turret. 

The shattered rose window (drilled through with the Dremel) is one of my favorite touches.

Their zombies are quite fabulous. Full of Christmas spirit and, um, bloody.

Team Women Folk (Caroline, Theresa, and Erin), well, we decided we needed to create a Christmas Special.

And even though Theresa doesn't watch Dr. Who, she went along with her two slightly crazed Whovian partners. With only a few eye rolls. Fear not, we will make a convert of her yet.

And although we had a few distractions and interruptions...

We eventually completed our task.

Here we have Amy Pond and Rory trapped on an alien planet made up of peppermints and gum drops.

They are fending off killer Christmas trees and Daleks with candy canes when The Doctor pops in with the TARDIS to save the day.

The pretzel plungers on the Daleks are my favorite detail.

You will be exterminated!



The Daleks reign supreme, all hail the Daleks!



(Hmm. Note to self, must ice a red gumdrop onto his head as a fez.)

Come along, Pond! Back to the TARDIS.

vwooorp. vwooorp. vwooorp.

And that concludes the 3rd Annual Gingerbread Wars. I've decided that next year, we'll give Joseph his own milk carton and graham crackers so he can more actively join in the fun. :) Now, I can't wait for next year!

The only question left is who won? Team Bone Shrapnel or the Women Folk?


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  1. WOMEN FOLK!!!!!!! :):):) You guys rocked it. Zombie apocolypse was good, too... but the women folk totally win. :)


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